Our A2 Vedic Bilona Desi Ghee is made from Indian breed kankrej desi cow\u2019s pure A2 milk and it's made by hand-churned. vaidikmart do all ancient organics Desi ghee process in a pottery vessel. we are very careful that our product never touches any metal. We use Indian breed kankrej desi cow A2 milk, which roams in the open field and eats green grass. She stays in direct contact with the sun's rays 10 hours a day while grazing in an open field. The cow exploits the sun rays using Suryaketunadi and uses it to make A2 milk. Hence the milk of the cow is the same as nectar. We heat A2 milk and butter in a pottery vessel using cow dung. Therefore Vaidikmart Bilona desi Ghee is full of many qualities. It is 100% pure and natural. Desi Ghee is delicious, digestive, intellect growing, semen growing, oily, fragrant, testy, eyesight growing, lustrous, beauty growing, strength growing, and charm increasing. A2 Ghee

Food PreferenceVegetarian
SpecialityAll Natural
No of PackPack of 1
Pack Size500gm-600gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
Shelf Life6 Months