Trumillets Foxtail Millet Adai Dosa

Adai Dosa is a Healthy, Protein Rich and Nutrient Dense Breakfast made of mixed lentils and spices. Foxtail Millets and other wholesome ingredients go into making this traditional South Indian Recipe (also called Pesaratu) recipe that’s far more exciting, filling, and healthier than regular dosas. Usually prepared for breakfast, but can be had any time of the day. Make it thick or thin, soft or crispy to suit your taste. Goes well with Chutney, Jaggery, or even simply a dollop of Butter or Jam. Each Pack Makes 12-13 Adai Dosas.


Millets(Foxtail Millet)-(33%)



Bengal Gram-(12%)

Rice, salt, onion, dried green chili, turmeric, ginger powder, dried coriander, cumin.

Allergen Declaration: This product contains Gluten.

  • WHOLESOME NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Foxtail Millet, Sooji, Rice, Urad Dal, Bengal Gram Dal, and Spices; carefully sourced from farmers, minimally processed, with no preservatives.
  • NUTRITION DENSE: Packed with Protein (15g Per 100g) and Dietary Fibre. Rich Source of Calcium, Potassium (19% of RDA), and Iron (25.2% OF RDA).

  • SUPER HEALTHY: Zero Trans Fat, Cholesterol Free, Low Glycaemic Index, and Keto Friendly.

  • READY TO COOK: To make Adai Dosa batter, just add water to the mix. Now you are ready to roll out hot, crisp, and healthy dosas for your family.

Cooking Steps :

  • To make a batter, add 1 cup of dosa mix to 1 1/2 cup water, set aside for 5 mins

  • Makes 12 to 13 dosas. Serve hot.

  • Use a non-stick Tawa (for better results) and add little ghee or oil on top.
Food PreferenceVegetarian
No of PackPack of 2
Pack Size500gm-600gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
Shelf Life9 Months