Honeydew honey is a type of honey produced by Honey bees using honeydew.which-like nectars, is a sugary liquid that obtain via sap. it is a very rare and special kind of raw honey.
Honeydew Honey is not a floral honey.Unlike it is the product of two insect types working to create a delicious and unique honey.Small scale-insects settle the beech forests and produce a sticky liquid which is collected by honeybees foraging in remote deep forests area in the Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. during late august up to early September.where the environment is clean and natural and unaffected by pollution.Snow does not happen in Kashmir and himachal border at this time.
when the trees don’t have any flowers, where do the bees find nectar for the honey? Instead, they use another sweet liquid they found on the trees’ bark and leaves. It is called honeydew.sweet liquid that derives from sap.
Honeydew honey contains a higher antioxidant, antibacterial activity level, mineral content and greater nutritional and therapeutic benefits than most regular honey.This Honey has a higher amino acid composition and disease-fighting antioxidant capacity.

Raw Honey :

Raw Honey means it hasn’t been pasteurized, heat treated and not even micro-filtered just pure honey straight from the Beehives.

Food Preference Vegetarian
Speciality All Natural,Healthy
No of Pack Pack of 1
Pack Size 200gm-300gm
Product Availability In Stock
State Gujarat
Shelf Life 18 Months
Brand The Natures Way