Presenting you the bestsellers, directly from the house of Green Snack co. Our bestselling products are not only loved by fitness freaks, office goers, and people craving guilt-free binge eating but also by moms who are looking for a healthy yet tasty alternative for their kids. Gluten-free Fiery spice and peppy cheese quinoa puffs are roasted to perfection with high levels of protein with the special spicy and cheesy touch. The 6-grain stix in this pack comes with the tasty tangy pickle and the cheesy jalapeno, both being a rich source of high quality 6 grains that are cholesterol-free with No Transfat. They are bestsellers for a reason. Have a go at them and enjoy healthy snacking like never before!

Includes:- The Green Snack Co Fiery SpiceIt Quinoa Puffs The Green Snack Co Peppy Cheese Quinoa Puffs The Green Snack Co Tangy Pickle 6 Grain Stix The Green Snack Co Cheesy Jalapeno 6 Grain Stix

Food Preference Vegetarian
Speciality No Preservatives,Healthy
No of Pack Pack of 4
Pack Size 500gm-600gm
Product Availability Out of Stock
State Maharashtra
Shelf Life 6 Months
Brand The Green Snack Co.