The Food Folks Protein Pack

The unique triple super seed mix from The Food Folks is an incredible blend of protein-rich 1kg each of chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. It combines some of the healthiest seeds available in one tasty, healthy and convenient snack. 


  • SUPER INGREDIENTS: Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, and Chia seeds 
  • High in protein.  
  • Chia seeds contain a high level of protein, with good cholesterol 
  • Earthy and fruity with a mild toasted flavor, sunflower seeds are said to be good for health
  • Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which could promote a good night's sleep and maintain our immune system. 

Ways to use them in your daily routine

  • Add it to cereal
  • Add extra zing to your salad
  • Add to the bowl of porridge and add fresh fruit
Food PreferenceVegetarian
No of PackPack of 3
Pack Size700gm-800gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
Shelf Life9 Months
BrandThe Food Folks