Turmeric is a magic golden herb having powerful health enhancing benefits. Turmeric Ashwagandha Kahwa is a completely natural detoxifier that is abundant in anti-oxidants & phytonutrients. Additional boost of Ginger and Ashwagandha provides a truly healing, rejuvenating and energizing experience. This is a perfect cup for anytime of the day to cleanse toxins and boost your immunity.


INDIA’S WONDER SPICE: Popularly known as the ‘Magic Herb’, Turmeric is an antioxidant-rich herb widely used in India for thousands of years. Turmeric is a rich golden herb having powerful health and life-enhancing benefits. This is a complete natural tea blend abundant in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Sip a cup for a truly Healing, Rejuvenating, and Energizing experience.

NATURAL + QUALITY: this tea is 100% natural with no harmful preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial colours, or added sugar etc. Consume 1-2 cups everyday along with a healthy diet plan and an active lifestyle. One of the best immunity boosters for adults.

MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS: This blend include Ashwagandha (also known as Indian Ginseng) a medicinal herb with multiple health benefits. It helps in reducing anxiety and stress, helps fight depression, improves brain function, and boosts fertility and testosterone in men.

TURMERIC – TULSI – AMLA – GILOY– ASHWAGANDHA: Combines the most potent naturals ingredients for immunity with ZERO Preservatives and NO Added Sugar.

SAFE: No Preservatives and No Added Sugar.

MADE IN INDIA product under FSSAI guidelines and Global quality standards.

Food PreferenceVegetarian
SpecialityAll Natural,No Artificial Colour,No Artificial Flavour,Organic,No Preservative ,Gluten Free
No of PackPack of 1
Pack Size170gm-270gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
StateNew Delhi
Shelf Life18 Months
BrandSilver Kettle