Silver Kettle Detox Kahwa Green Tea

Detox Kahwa helps in enhancing the body internally by cleansing body of toxins and preventing premature aging. Various toxins keep accumulating in body due to pollution, food, and lifestyle choices. Detox Kahwa contains various herbs and specially rock salt that is a natural source of minerals and helps in weight management as well beneficial in common cough and cold. Bring Detox Kahwa in daily routine and feel the all round benefits for a healthy and young life.


POWERFUL TASTE + HEALTH BENEFITS: This Green Tea has a unique taste due to Rock salt and Asafoetida (hing). This exotic blend contain anti-inflammatory and detoxifying compounds that cleanses body and protects it from the threat of free radicals. Free radicals aid daily detox regime & boosts the immune system.


TASTING NOTES: The fusion produces warm & spicy flavors of Black pepper, Ginger, Asafoetida & Rock salt.


TRADITIONAL DETOX RECEIPE + GREEN TEA: This is a wholesome and powerful detox blend with the goodness of Green Tea, bounteous spices, herbs, and Rock Salt. Based on age-old traditional wellness recipe for wholesome detox. A proportionate mix of Indian herbs & spices, Black pepper, Ginger, Clove, Asafoetida, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Rock salt, Cinnamon & Tulsi.

SAFE: No Preservatives and No Added Sugar.

MADE IN INDIA product under FSSAI guidelines and Global quality standards.


Food PreferenceVegetarian
SpecialityAll Natural,No Artificial Colour,No Artificial Flavour,Organic,No Preservative ,Gluten Free
No of PackPack of 1
Pack Size170gm-270gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
StateNew Delhi
Shelf Life18 Months
BrandSilver Kettle