Purple Hippie Fruit & Nut Bar

All-natural, non-GMO Fruit and nut granola bars packed with the nutritious benefits of real fruits, nuts, and seeds. The high on taste, high on health granola bar is a great treat in-between hunger pangs and acts as an excellent fuel for your workout. Accentuated with nutty flavors and health benefits of whole grains, fruits, and healthy fats, the Fruit and nut granola bar is an entire meal in a bar that you can carry in your bag.


Oats, Raw Organic Honey, Toasted Wheat-germ, Cold-pressed Organic Coconut Oil, Almonds, Cashews, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins, Apricots, Dates, Black-currants, Cinnamon, Clove & Sea Salt.

Natural Ingredients:
The all-natural fruits and nuts in our granola bar, along with whole grains like oats and wheat germ are rich in fiber, minerals, and macronutrients. These complex carbs take longer to digest, keeping you feeling full and energized for longer. The granola bar is rich in protein, iron, and calcium, making it the perfect healthy snack you’ve always wished for.

Real Nuts & Seeds:
Almonds are a highly celebrated superfood and a natural source of essential nutrients like proteins, vitamin E, fiber, and healthy fats. Almonds are rich in antioxidants and not to mention, they are crunchy and tasty. Apricots & Raisins are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and other nutrients. Blackcurrants have plenty of antioxidants and these can help strengthen the immune systems. In addition to the above nuts, cashews are also rich in protein and other nutrients and help boost bone strength.


Naturally Sweetened:
Our Fudgy brownie granola bars are sweetened with raw organic honey. Not only is honey an excellent sugar substitute, but has numerous benefits, and tastes great. Embrace the natural goodness of honey and cocoa and relish each bite, guilt-free!

Healthy Fats:
Healthy fats are essential to the body and can only be obtained from dietary sources that are rich in omega-3. The nuts, seeds, and coconut oil contain doses of healthy omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that make the Fruit and nut granola bar a super-healthy choice for your heart. Good fats also keep you feeling full for longer, so, win-win!

Sea Salt:
Often referred to as ‘White Gold’, sea salt contains 80+ nutrients found in the human body. Sea salt is processed naturally, unlike other chemically processed salts. It is loaded with minerals and helps aid digestion and adds a tasteful zing to the granola bar.


  • Tasty, crunchy, all-natural granola bars made with love
  • High on energy, low on calories
  • Real ingredients, a real taste
  • Powered with Protein
  • Loaded with Nutrients
  • Zero added sugar
  • No added preservatives, just natural goodness


Serving Size: 40gms (40g)

Food PreferenceVegetarian
SpecialityNo Added Chemical
No of PackPack of 1
Pack Size200gm-300gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
Shelf Life180 Days
BrandPurple Hippie