Kairali Fresh Taro Root Chips

Taro root is a good source of fiber and many vitamins and minerals that the standard American diet frequently lacks. Taro root is high in fiber and resistant starch, which helps lower cholesterol. It contains polyphenols and antioxidants that protect your body from oxidative stress.

Due to its high fiber and resistant starch content, taro root may increase feelings of fullness, reduce overall calorie intake and increase fat burning, potentially leading to weight loss and reduced body fat. May Help You Lose Weight.

The fiber and resistant starch in taro root are fermented by gut bacteria to form short-chain fatty acids, which may protect against inflammatory bowel disease. - Good for Your Gut. Taro root has a smooth, starchy texture and mildly sweet taste.

It can be cooked and enjoyed in both sweet and savory dishes. You should not eat raw taro root as it contains compounds that may cause a stinging or burning sensation in your mouth.


  • Taro Root Is A Starchy Root Vegetable With A Mildly Sweet Taste
  • Rich In Fiber
  • Control Blood Sugar
  • Explore The Taste Of Authentic Kerala Snacks
  • Best For The Leasure Time Snacks
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten-Free
  • Pouch Packaging
  • Best Before 4 Months
Food PreferenceVegetarian
No of PackPack of 2
Pack Size300gm-400gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
Shelf Life4 Months
BrandKairali Fresh