Kairali Fresh Ripe Banana Chips

We are so thankful to you for purchasing our Kairali Fresh Ripe Banana Chips online which is frying live for our Countryside Customers. We assure you our chips are the best in the market to enjoy the authentic taste of Nenthran Banana and much healthier as well. We believe that you enjoyed the taste and quality of our products. Our products are made with the help of experienced workers in our High end, High-quality Hygienic Kitchen which is adjacent to our house.

We are using only Organic Ripe Banana and Turmeric for production, and we collect Organic Ripe Banana from Kudumbasree Units, Local Farmers, and S.H groups in our locality. Turmeric is cultivated by us itself, dried, and powdered in our unit, so as we can ensure you the authenticity of the materials used.

Copra is not being heated during the extraction of oil from the dried Copra (Copra- Dried Kernel of Coconut), so the oil will give you the original Smell, Taste, and Quality (Cold Pressed Coconut oil). Oil from the Roasted Copra is considered as second quality and it is much cheaper as well. Since the oil is not reusing after once, we ensure your safety and health.

Banana Chips are rolled out from different manufactures across the State of Kerala, but most of them are aimed at an economic profit only. Therefore hygiene and quality are not guaranteed, and they are used to add preservatives for higher shelf life. That is the difference between KAIRALI FRESH and other manufactures.

We are still following the traditional and hygienic way of making Banana Chips which can last up to 60 days. It will be even more delicious as it arrives at the customer the next day after making it.


  • Made From Nendran Banan Which Is Locally Available All Over Kerala
  • Thinly Sliced, Salty And Crispy Fried Chips
  • Made With Non-Reusable Pure Coconut Oil
  • Explore The Taste Of Authentic Kerala Snacks
  • Best For The Leasure Time Snacks
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten-Free
  • Pouch Packaging
  • Best Before 4 Months
Food PreferenceVegetarian
No of PackPack of 1
Pack Size500gm-600gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
Shelf Life4 Months
BrandKairali Fresh