Evolve Snacks Quinoa Masala Puff

Snack happy with Quinoa Puffs. Crispy, crunchy & nutritious made from 100% Quinoa. These delicious mouth-watering crunchy balls come packed with high-quality protein, fiber and iron with lip-smacking masala flavor so it not only tastes great but is also great for you!



  • Protein Powerhouse: A single serving of puffed quinoa (approx 1.8 ounces) provides 7 grams of protein. It contains 9  essential amino acids.
  • Rich in Fiber:Quinoa puffs are a good source of fiber, providing three grams per serving.
  • Rich In Iron: A single serving provides over 25% of daily value for iron.



Quinoa, Maize , Salth , Refined veg oil , Masala Flavour


 Nutritional Value/100 gms:

Carbohydrates (g)     71.16

Protein (g)                   9.52

Fat (g)                          8.43

Saturated Fat(g)        0.52

Trans Fat (g)              0.00

Fiber (g)                     5.61

Energy                       407

Sugar (g)                    0.00

Trans Fat (g)             0.00

Cholesterol (mg)      0.00


Food PreferenceVegetarian
SpecialityGluten Free,Healthy
No of PackPack of 3
Pack Size200gm-300gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
Shelf Life120 Days
BrandEvolve Snacks