Calvay's VegRich Protein Muesli Fudge - ChocoBerry

Protein Muesli is your gateway to Honestly Healthy and Super Delicious + Guilt-Free Breakfast Cereal. With 15 g of Protein per recommended serving (55g) with milk, you complete approximately 25% of your daily requirement of Protein. Offered in three delicious flavors - Dutch Chocolate, Rich Coffee & Choco- Berry, primary sweetening is done through dates and NO refined sugar is used for sweetening.

Whey Protein Concentrate which is one of the world's best proteins in terms of absorption % and completeness is used as the main Protein fortifying ingredient. Made using 100% Natural & Wholesome Ingredients, make VegRich Protein Muesli your Good Habit!

How To use :

1) Cut open 1 inside sachet when you want to consume.
2) Add 1 bowl (220ml) cold/lukewarm milk with one sachet Protein Muesli
3) Adjust Milk quantity as per the fudge consistency you like.
4) Top up with Fresh Fruits of your choice :)


1). Whey Protein Concentrate
2). Wheat Flakes
3) Oats
4) Flax Seeds
5) Almonds
6) Black Raisins
7) Dates
8) Cocoa
9) Cocoa Butter
10) Sunflower Oil
11)Freeze Dried Strawberries 

Store in a Cool and Dry Place away From Sunlight/ Direct Heat Source

Food PreferenceVegetarian
No of PackPack of 1
Pack Size300gm-400gm
Product AvailabilityIn Stock
Shelf Life9 Months
BrandCalvay's VegRich