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Must Have Indian Christmas Sweets

India is a land of festivals. With a diverse population of various faiths and cultures, each festival in India is unique and has its highlights. Christmas is a traditional Christian festival that is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ across the world. It is celebrated with a lot of fervor, especially since it's the season of holidays with Christmas sweets and special preparations at home and people welcoming the new year with the exchange of Christmas sweets, gifts, and wishes! India is no exception to a sizable Christian population spread across the country Christmas is celebrated with a lot of love and vigor.

In India, Christmas is celebrated across every major metropolitan city including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore. Goa is a state with a sizable Christian population. An erstwhile Portuguese colony, it has strong Roman Catholic roots hence Christmas is a major festival here with almost all the residents celebrating it with special Indian Christmas sweets, decorations, Christmas sweet gifts, traditional lanterns, and church masses. States like Kerala and Karnataka also have a sizable Christian population. The Christmas festival is celebrated here with a lot of gusto. There's also a large number of Christians in Northeast Indian states of Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram among others and Christmas here is incomplete with Christmas sweets.  

Children all across the country have heard the story of Santa Claus in schools or otherwise and Christmas also holds a special charm for the young adults all across the nation. The fact that the festivities are extended, schools and colleges are closed and the new year just around the corner, the entire country marks Christmas with great pomp and show.

Christmas in India has its distinct flavor as compared to the rest of the world. Sure, the traditional Christmas sweets and church masses are very much a part of the celebration. But every celebration is incomplete without special Indian Christmas sweets that are specially made for the occasion.

Traditional Christmas sweets in Goa include 'neureos' that are stuffed cakes distributed amongst near and dear ones. There's a toffee made of dry fruits called 'Dodol' common in Kolkata. How to forget the traditional Christmas plum cake that's made up of delicious dry fruits. 

Alongside, there are a ton of traditional and Indian recipes for stuffed chicken, sweets, and preparations like Consuada that are shared and consumed across the country.

Let's have a look at the prevalent Indian Christmas sweets consumed on Christmas


A milk-based solid made of khoya and dipped in rose syrup, Gulab Jamun is so named after its resemblance to the Jamun fruit. It has a royal origin and is said to be invented by the chefs working for Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It is a succulent and soft treat that melts instantly in the mouth. It can be consumed both hot or cold. The hot gulab jamun is best enjoyed straight from the kitchen with its soft rose scent and syrupy smoothness. When  Cold it is enjoyed as a delectable dessert alongside falooda or ice cream. Perfect preparation for Christmas as it is sweet and garnished with dry fruits.


A dish of Rajasthani origin, Mathri is enjoyed throughout India for its crunchy and flaky flavor. It is a great tea time snack and an edible preparation that can last for days. Since it also has a religious significance, it is also consumed during Christmas and replaces biscuits or cookies with a crunchy and salty snack. It can also be gifted to other people and can be carried for travel when visiting native places or guests. Hence it is a dynamic and tasty food.


Kheer in India is synonymous with celebration, prayers, and holy eating. Made of milk and semolina with variations in sugar, jaggery, or honey added for sweetness. Semolina is the perfect element although Kheer can be made of rice or sabudana also. Great for feeding infants also and can be savored by adults as well. What is a festival if it is without Kheer in India? Hence Kheer is a definite yes on the list of Christmas sweets ideas.


A definite on the list of Christmas sweet ideas, Cupcakes are easy to bake at home in an oven and come in a variety of flavors. A must-have on Christmas, they are children's favorite and are also a good choice for the health-conscious due to their small size. Cupcakes are a traditional Christmas sweet and easily available at most bakeries in a city or town during this time. Often they have fruit jellies or fresh cream served along and are great compliments to tea or coffee.


A gift from the Middle East and Persian rulers, Jalebi is a deep-fried pretzel dipped in sugar syrup. but for the commoners, jalebi and Rabri is the go-to dish in winters. Made in circular shapes by Halwais across the country, Jalebis have a crunchy exterior but a chewy disposition. They can be eaten hot or cold. A similar dish is Imirti which is a bit thicker and uses lime and orange syrup. Either says a great energy booster and keeps you warm for a winter breakfast.


A sugary candy with a smooth creamy consistency, fudge is a great Christmas treat that can be made in a big size and distributed in portions to family and friends. Simple and easy to make it uses common items like butter, sugar, and flavors like chocolates, nuts, and others. heated up it can also be used as a sauce on waffles or pancakes. Cold it can be stored for a long time and can be consumed as nuggets or biscuits. 

All in all, there are a ton of options to feast on this Christmas. Find the best Indian Christmas SweetChristmas sweets gifts, and Christmas sweet ideas only on Get the best offers and deals on your favorite Christmas sweets. Order now!