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This Republic Day Get Yourself a Parade of Delightful Treats

  • By Khaaugully
  • •  Jan 25, 2021

This Republic Day Get Yourself a Parade of Delightful Treats

India is a land of festivals and every region marks special occasions making the diversity of the country all the more beautiful. Although most festivals have a religious significance, there are few that are celebrated by all the people. These are called as national festivals. Republic day is India's national festival and is one of the most important occasions where all the people come together to mark the day with a patriotic feeling rising above all differences.

The Republic Day of India is celebrated on 26 January every year, beginning in 1950. The festival came into being for a very special reason!

While India became independent in 1947, it wasn't until 1950 that the constitution of India was effectively put into being! Before that, the constitutional committee consisting of elected leaders and those with immense knowledge of laws including Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, and many other lawmakers worked hard for 2 and a half years to make the rulebook by which we govern our country today known as the Indian constitution. While the constitution was signed and approved by all lawmakers on 26 November 1949 itself, it wasn't until 26 January 1950 that it was implemented. The date has a special significance. Ever since 1930, during India's Independence struggle, our political leaders observed 26 January each year as the day of India's independence and hoisted the tricolor across the country. When India won freedom on the 15th of August 1947, we were run by a government that was partially selected and partially elected. However, the rules by which the government should function did not exist. Thus there was created a constituent assembly consisting of all the lawmakers and people's representatives from across the nation the taste to create the world's largest written constitution called the constitution that made all the rules and regulations by which the governments would operate in the future.

This was a major achievement and the first step in making our independent nation a republic meaning a country in which the vote of the people give the representatives the power and there is no monarchy and no random lawlessness as the leaders must operate under the rules set by the constitution or be declared illegal.

On the occasion of Republic Day, all offices are closed and all schools, colleges, and institutions observe flag hoisting and cultural programmers that spread the message of unity, patriotism and propagate Indian tradition and culture. People host flag hoisting ceremonies in their societies and celebrate national unity by distributing traditional sweets of India. The central and state governments mark the occasion with drills and parades. The Rajpath in Delhi hosts the annual Republic Day parade in which the Indian President, Prime Minister, and the entire government pays tribute to the sacrifices of the armed forces and salutes the marching contingents of the security forces for the public to attend. The parade is telecast live on all news channels so that people from all across the country can watch it and support our forces. There is also a chief guest who is generally a representative of another friendly nation who attends the parade. 

The symbol of national integrity and patriotism, the Republic Day festival sees people distributing sweets and snacks amongst others to spread the message of brotherhood and unity. Here are some of the common sweets that are distributed across the country:

1. Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli or Kaju Barfi is a much loved sweet all across the country. Meaning "cashew slice" Kaju Katli is made by mixing the batter made from grounding cashew nuts that are soaked overnight into thickened sugar syrup until it forms the correct consistency and then adding other constituents like milk and saffron. The sweet is decorated with edible silver foil which makes it all the more special. Owing to its popularity it is modified as per requirement and now even sugar-free versions are available. Looking for the best quality Kaju Katli.

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2. Rasgulla

Rasgulla is an especially loved sweet all across the country as it is savory and soft. Made by dipping balls of softened cottage cheese (chenna)  into a sugary solution, it is both squishy and juicy and its soft texture that burst in liquid as you chew it make it a must-have sweet for everyone. The chenna balls are dipped in the solution until they are completely permeated by it giving it a very soft texture. Looking to gorge on Rasgulla? order now

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3. Barfi

While many sweet preparations in India are served hot like jalebi or gulab jamun, there are a few which are enjoyed and best served cold. Barfi or Burfi is a traditional Indian mithai or sweet that is named after 'barf' the Persian word for snow. Made from condensed milk, barfi is prepared from many items including besan (gram flour), pista and other dry fruits, milk cakes. The flavor is further enhanced by adding strips of chocolate or fruits like mangoes, a garnish of coconuts, saffron, and cardamom, or rose water. often coated in varak- edible silver foil they are cut in various sizes like a cube, circle, spherical, and diamond.

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4. Chocolates

What better way to spread smiles than a pack of chocolates. Chocolates are a preferred snack especially for children and can be distributed across many people or gifted to others.

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