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Must-try Sweets and Chocolates on this International Women's Day

Must-try Sweets and Chocolates on this International Women's Day

International Women's Day is just around the corner. In the world, women comprise 50% of the total population. While today we look at a world where men and women are equal in all spheres historically it wasn't this way. Women have had to struggle a lot for securing their rights and get equal access to all resources and opportunities. 

Historically the world and societies have had a patriarchal inclination although in spite of these restrictions in every age and generation we have had women achievers who have outshone and redefined these definitions of what it means to be women and what are limitations if not just a state of mind.

Whether it be the Vedas where Gargi and Maitri became scholars or Rani Laxmibai who lead men from the front in battle or Kalpana Chawala who ushered Indian presence in the international space arena, India has had the culture of adoring and worshipping the female form of Shakti or life energy in spirit and action.

At the same time, just like the world we still have a few orthodox mindsets that seek to limit what women can do and their roles in society, but women are already shattering glass ceilings and etching their names by their merit.

The United Nations Sustainable Development goals for the period of 2015-30 aim to ensure gender equality is the norm and not the exception. In this regard, India too is progressing in all directions. Under the Ministry of women and children's development, we are continuously making policies to strengthen and make more balanced the position of women in our society vis men.

This Women's day let's take a moment to celebrate and thank the women in our lives. It is also important for women to celebrate themselves on the occasion of International Women's Day. 

If you're looking for the perfect gift to celebrate the contribution of women in our lives here are some great options for you.

Assorted Sweets

Make their day special with a custom gift of the best quality sweets in a variety of flavours and delicious tastes. Think gift packs of your favourite sweets like Kaju Katli, Mysore Pak and many more. There is also a wide range of sugar free sweets and delightful eats that include Dry fruits and mawa sweets that are traditional and loved by people of all age groups prepared in a hygienic and clean environment with the best ingredients. What's more, is that in the times when social distancing and hygienic conditions are paramount you get these sweet packs delivered to your home safely and in a sanitized container.

Dark Chocolates

Who doesn't love chocolate? Dark chocolates are a favourite among ladies and they love to gorge on it. Dark chocolates are also great for the body as they contain natural elements that are great for the heart and promote good blood flow as well. Dark chocolates are known for also being beneficial for the skin. The absence of extra sugar and minimal processing alongside a variety of exciting and unique flavours making dark chocolates a precious and great gifting option from Khaaugully. Check out the wide range of dark chocolates from Khaaugully at the best prices


Chocolate truffles are a big hit among ladies. Filled with Chocolate ganache sauce that's equal parts creamy and chocolatey, truffles have a short shelf life and hence you know they're always fresh and ready to consume. Their charm lies in their soft texture, velvety creamy flavours, and the absolute richness of chocolates. Surely, you can never go wrong with a gift pack made of select flavours of premium quality chocolate truffles that are sure to wow the ladies and be an absolute delight to gorge on. These ball-shaped eats are a great pick for a date or a special occasion and hence Women's Day offers the perfect choice for these to be a worthy gift for All the ladies!

Check out the best quality truffles from Khaaugully here:


If you are one of those that like to enjoy the good things bit by bit for a longer duration, or you're looking for a treat that lasts long and keeps reminding them of you, then look no further than the delicious range of fudges. This buttery and sugary delight is soft and chewy unlike toffee that's hard. Made with simple everyday ingredients it is always fresh and can be stored in your fridge as it does not have a short shelf life making it the ideal sweet indulgence for you! Fudges have a lot of natural ingredients like seasonal berries and dry fruits too. You can enjoy these on their own or complement them with any ice cream flavour of your choice for the ultimate sweet. available in a variety of flavours with a range of bases like chocolate, hazelnut, and butterscotch they offer a taste to suit every palate.

Delicious and creamy they are the perfect picks for a women's day present.

Check out the wide range of fudges here:

Chocolate Gift Packs

Why have one when you can have many? Chocolate gift packs are an ideal pick for a gift when you want all the fun and don't want to miss out on anything. They also help tremendously when you're not very sure as to what would be a perfect gift choice (wink). Chocolate gift packs are generally handcrafted as they have multiple varieties of flavours and products with a lot of variation in the constituents right from dry fruits to seasonal fruits and more. Many a time they can be customized as well making every gift truly unique and selected. Chocolate gift packs are a hit amongst all age groups and hence they can be used for any and every occasion to leave a tasty mark on the minds of the receiver. Order your choice of Chocolate gift packs now from Khaaugully.

Chocolate Combos

Love chocolates and don't have just one favourite? If you're one of those who love more than one type of chocolate preparation then chocolate combos are the perfect treat for you! Made of 2 or more flavours these combos have your favourite chocolate treats in abundance making it a gift that they prefer and enjoy the most. All the chocolate combos contain assorted chocolates and flavours that are really unique and custom made for every order making the gifts really bespoke for every order received. Choose from a wide range of chocolates made from milk, dark chocolates, fruit flavours, etc. You can choose from pouches containing multiple chocolates at the same time. 

Looking for chocolate combos? Check these out.

Sweets Combo

India is a foodie's paradise and has a host of tasty treats from all parts of the country that can be enjoyed on special occasions. Traditional Indian sweets still make for the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. So why not celebrate women's day with a dollop of your favourite traditional sweets. Choose from a wide range of delicious treats from local delicacies to internationally famous Indian treats that are sure to get you drooling and make the Women's Day celebration absolutely grateful. Also, get some really amazing variations of your favourite treats with dollops of happiness and delight.

Women's day presents a great opportunity to celebrate womanhood and pay our sincere thanks to the ladies in our lives who make it meaningful. Girls, if you are looking to celebrate yourself find the perfect way to do so with the widest range of delicious and tasty snacks, sweets, and treats from Khaaugully. Khaaugully is rapidly growing to be the top platform to order your fill of tasty, healthy, nutritious, niche and custom snacks as well as groceries across the country with a single touch. With assured quality, no compromises and safe sanitized delivery Khaaugully offers a wide range of online payment options as well as accepts Sodexo meal passes also. 

Happy Women's Day!

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