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Explore the Healthiest Variety of Indian Sweets Online

The festive season is about, to begin with, Raksha Bandhan. Traditional Indian sweets are generally used to mark the occasion and exchanged with near and dear ones. With the lockdown in effect, most shops are closed and people are shopping online.

A prime concern that people face in the current times is a choice between healthy and tasty. Most traditional sweets are high on sugar and fat content with not much nutrition available and hence cited by health experts as empty calories. Plus with the rising awareness about the importance of health and fitness especially amongst the younger generation, people want to make healthier choices. 

But there's also a changing scenario with responsible cooking becoming a norm in everyday life now. The main problem lies in sourcing local, quality, and highly nutritious alternatives to traditional and prevalent items.

Similarly, there's also a demand for healthier and tastier alternatives to traditional sweets amongst the fitness conscious who wish to celebrate cultural festivals with their families.

With Raksha Bandhan coming up there's a huge demand for sweets that are a little less on the devious side and more nutritional. So that people can gorge on their favourite sweets with lesser guilt. If you too are looking to celebrate the festivals a bit responsibly, (your body will thank you for it) we can help with a list of the healthiest Indian sweets.

What are the top 5 healthiest Indian sweets? 

Check out some of the Rakshabandhan special treats on offer that are not only the most nutritious but also taste equally good if not better than traditional sweets. 

1. Nachni Ladoos

Made from Nachni (finger millet) flour that’s rich in calcium and natural fibres. Along with clarified butter (ghee), almonds, resin, spices, and condiments; this laddoo is as delectable as it is nutritious. Nachni is traditionally considered very healthy and is used to make bread (bhakri) rich in fibre, highly nutritious, easy on the stomach, and full of iron. So even if you gorge on a couple of these sweeties, you know you are still in the good books of eating healthy.

2. Chana Roast Barfi

Consisting of Besan(gram flour) as its chief ingredient added with clarified butter, almonds, pistachios, spices, and condiments the Chana Roast Barfi is a protein powerhouse that tastes amazing. Besan or gram flour is used in many nutritious preparations as well as for cosmetic purposes too. Plus it is gluten-free, meaning you are safe from any allergies or hormonal issues that accompany high consumption of gluten. This barfi tastes absolutely delicious with the right mix of spices and condiments. 

3. Sugar Free Pancham

For those looking for a sugar-free alternative, here’s a great option made with apricots, cashews, almonds, raisins, pistachios, and clarified butter. Thus it consists of the wholesome goodness of nuts and healthy fats minus the extra sugars but with the same benefits. Apricots are rich in natural fibre and antioxidants that aid digestion and promote heart health. Thus not only you prevent excessive blood sugar while consuming this sweet but also improve your digestive tract health. 

4. Sugar Free Gulab Jamun

If you’re one of those who do not compromise on their sweet tooth but still want to keep your blood sugar in check or maintain your fitness commitments. Here’s a traditional sweet that will help you keep your goals in check while still letting you enjoy a good life! As compared to traditional gulab jamuns, this sweet is sugar-free, meaning your blood sugar is always in check but at the same time it is the sweet that even purists will affirm.

5. Chocolate Coated Almonds

Do you like things that are niche and handmade? Well then, this one’s for you! The pack consists of chocolate-coated almonds and is prepared by a team of dedicated individuals who maintain strict hygiene standards at all times in the workshop.

Almonds are probably the easiest and most prevalent superfood with a host of health benefits like healthy fats, antioxidants, and proteins that make it easy to pick for a healthy snack option. Add to it the goodness of chocolate and the hand made special preparation and you have a winner on the list of healthy sweets.

With the pandemic in effect, most sweet shops are either closed or not offering a lot many options on sweets. If you are looking for online options, only traditional sweets by certified manufacturers are available and may require a long waiting period for delivery. 

This leaves many lurching for a healthier alternative.

Where can I buy traditional Indian sweets online

If you are one of those who are looking for an online platform where healthy meets tasty, you are in luck. With the prevalence of health triumphing everything and people focussed on improving their fitness and overall well being, we decided to do our bit with Khaaugully to help fellow fitness lovers.

With a wide variety of healthy and nutritious sweets that are made with the choicest of ingredients, handled hygienically, and delivered with all safety checks in place. Khaaugully is fast becoming the preferred choice for the diet consciousness, for those who don’t compromise on their fitness. And also for those who wish to make a healthier change in their lifestyles.

Khaaugully has an unmatched variety of products that are niche, nutritious, handcrafted, and delivered to your doorstep on online orders following strict safety protocols and hygiene standards. A wide variety of sellers and products that understand and reaffirm our commitment to health are present on the platform.

For the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Khaaugully offers a special offer on Raksha Bandhan treats that are healthy and nutritious as well as tasty to eat. Not just this, in view of the significance of Raksha Bandhan, Khaaugully has an amazing offer whereby on successfully making an order, they will deliver a rakhi for free at the specified address. All the sisters reading this, no worries about sending a rakhi via post. 

What’s more, they also accept Sodexo meal passes for online purchases. How cool is that!

So why wait? Check out their range of healthy snacks and make the occasion delicious. They also offer a range of groceries and staples including healthy spreads, powders, nut mixes, breakfast combos and so much more.

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